Camber bolt


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Camber bolt

Hi all

I had front struts replaced on my 07 Camry.
Took her to alignment just to find that LS wants $221 with pennies for alignment, as "camber kit" needs to be installed.
Quick search online - I had part number on paperwork from LS - showed that we are talking regular camber bolts from O'Reilly. Went their, had one kit purchased and 2nd on order for today, as both front wheels have high negative camber.
I figured, as I have about year left on tires, to simply do camber myself, then get all four new tires and do formal alignment.
No one around has camber gauge, so I figure, I can simply use bubble level. Bring wheels to vertical, maybe a little of negative, and rotate tires every other month.
Here's questions I have.
1. How reliable are those bolts? If one snaps....
2. Is there any trick to them? As I had both front corners done yesterday, pass side wheel is vertical now, but driver side ended with negative camber again, though it showed as vertical on brake rotor. I basically had level against rotor surface, front and rear edges. Was strange that that rotor showed POSITIVE camber after I had wheel removed. I think, rotor tilted on the hub and will re-do it today, but that's why I am curious about tricks of doing those?
3. I do use upper strut hole, right? All instructions I saw so far say upper, including ones that came with the kit.
4. I found that strut bolts have to be heck of tight, or strut will slip and tilt. I will not damage the bolt by taking my impact gun to it?

Cam bolts are 81290 EA CAM EZ CAMS XR

Specialty Products 81290 SPC EZ Cam XR- Camber Kits for Domestic/Import Vehicles - Free Shipping on All Orders @ JEGS

Specs are here:

I am also open to learning how to get toe right. It appears to be off somewhat. But, car otherwise tracks quite straight, I may not even bother.
Thank you.
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Real stupid one. Can I simply go back to using OEM strut bolts, and loosen the upper strut bolt, wedge something between strut and knuckle, to get it to vertical, and simply get by, until I need to do all tires? I have seen shims type camber kit for same car with wedges.
Somehow I do not trust those camber bolts.

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