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Unhappy replace U joints

2001 ford expedition 4 wheel drive 5.4? How do I replace u joints
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Which U joint? Most U-joints either have a cap that is held in place with a snap ring or a bolt w/cap. Buying a repair manual is probably one of the better investments you can make - repair wise.
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Are you asking how to remove the bearings from the yoke?
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Post in regarding your U Joint replacement

On your vehical ,, your going to first need to jack it up then secure it with stands. Being safe is the first thing,, when your underneath it you will see 4 bolts the size varies fro the vehical. these secure a strap the holds the differencial in place. Note : secure the drive shaft to the chassy if you can especially if your doing this by yourself. so it wont fall straight to the ground and could hurt..
secound , your going to have to either remove from the Transmission . again this can be easy or difucult depend on the vehical and your experience of mechanical knowledge.. be carefull on the removal of the shaft from the tranny,, use a oil pan to collect the small amount of oil that will spill on the ground. after this is all done I personnally wrap a clean thick rag around the machined finish shaft to protect it from any scratches, dings,, etc..
the other pice of the U joint may need to be pressed out ,, You DON'T. want to place in a vise and try banging it out like some novices would.. You can dammage the shaft and then incure future issues.
Call a rear end shop they usually charge $20.00 labor and replace it with a Splicer brand U joint... that way your get at least another 10 to 14 years..
the cheeper ones will break down in 2 years plus..
After its all done ,, reverse the sequence as I mentioned before..

On trick when your wheels are off the ground you can move your tires feely to rotate the driveshaft, to allow easy removal and replacement of them bolts.
I hope this will help..
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repair manual doesn't help. they are the front two U joints that need to be replaced.
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I don't know is that something that needs to be removed to replace the front 2 u joints
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See if this video helps you any - video on replacing U-joints - YouTube Search
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Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the precautions section.
Remove or disconnect the following:
Front wheels
Front hub cotter pin, retainer and nut
Using a floor hydraulic jack, support the lower suspension arm.
Upper ball joint cotter pin and castle nut
Knuckle from the front suspension upper arm
Lower the lower suspension arm and steering knuckle slightly to facilitate easier halfshaft removal.
Remove the 2 disc caliper mounting bolts, then lift the front disc caliper off of the front disc brake caliper anchor plate and position aside. Do not allow the caliper to hang by the brake hose; suspend it from the vehicle's frame with strong cord or wire.
Remove the 6 front halfshaft-to-differential bolts.
Use care to avoid damaging the hub seal when removing the front halfshaft.
Inboard end of the halfshaft from the differential case or extension axle case. Separate the front halfshaft and joints from the hub, then remove the halfshaft and joints from the vehicle.

| Repair Guides | Halfshafts | Removal & Installation |

Do not see anything special, same procedure as for my 2000 Silverado, simply unbolt it from differential and pull out of hub.

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