2005 Dodge Caravan


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2005 Dodge Caravan

Hello, My Caravan makes a whining noise when turning steering wheel, fluid ok, loud when cold quieter as it warms up any ideas thanks in advance
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first double check the fluid, these are bad about leaks. also i know the gauge on the side of these are hard to read, try shining a flash light into it to light up the gauge. if its still good the pump could be going out. try this little trick buy some friction modifier for limited slip differential.add 4oz of it to the power steering fluid. if the pump was going bad this will prolong it and quite the pump.(might take a day or two to work it in, some are instant).
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thanks iceman681 I also just noticed serp belt is split this prolly not helping right?
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Belts will slip/squeal more when they're cold, since it has a split - I'd replace it and see if that also takes care of the whine.
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Slit belt = REPLACE ASAP.

Add Lucas PS treatment to pump. I bet noise will go away after belt replaced. Also, clean belt pulleys with brake cleaner. You likely have quite a build up on them.

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