Totally stomped with this


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Totally stomped with this

OK, maybe someone will shad some light on this.
It's 07 Camry Hybrid, but it has none to do with hybrid side.
About 1.5 month ago I found that my rear pads are worn out.
Driver side inner pad was more worn out than the outer pad. Points towards sticky caliper but, same time, there was no grease left on caliper guides. Caliper was not sliding back-for at all, so I attributed this to poor guides lubrication.
I bought ceramic pads and this time had rotors off, what was an adventure, as they rusted solid to the hub.
Found that parking shoes were worn out to, so replaced parking shoes.
In the process, one of the caliper guide bolts was cross threaded, and I had to buy a matching one from HW store, with 2 choices - slightly shorter or slightly longer. I used slightly longer and used washer to compensate for the extra length.
Everything appeared to be working fine.
About a week later, I started hearing quite loud rub coming from the rear end.
Whoomp whoomp. It happens basically only right after start up, when you just start moving, will whoomp once or twice, and goes away.
It was not persistent, as in - not every start up and could have been gone for several days.
I had car on the lift several times, wheels spin nice and easy, no drag. No rolling resistance or dropping mpg. Rain appears to make it worse, as in - after every rain, whoomp will be present. Brakes work fine. No signs of tire well rub anywhere. Rims and rotors normal temperature after hour drive, so nothing is overheating.
Well, it's getting worse. It rained again yesterday, and I had 5-6 whoomps in a row after start up and when beginning to move, during short trips I had to do yesterday. With window down, it is very loud. Sound is hollow, and sounds like someone is dragging something on a hollow drum. Whoomp describes it very well, actually. Low, vibrating rub. And then they are gone and you drive just fine.
I have no idea what that can possibly be, but it's definitely related to rear wheels rotation. Only when you just start moving and after car set for at least few hours.
I had ceramic pads on wife's RX300, and had to take them off, as right before coming to halt, they will do very similar rubbing noise - whoomp whoomp... Very annoying. Put semi organics on and it was all gone.
I'll tare it apart tomorrow, and see what I can find. Will grind down that bolt, maybe it made caliper sit slightly crooked..
I am afraid it's sticky caliper and glazed rotor causing rub on ceramic brake pad, but why it's only when you start rolling and not always?
Here's why I am freaking out. As simple thing is, remove caliper, replace, and be happy. No big deal.
You can't bleed brakes on this car. You have to take her to dealership and bleeding is done by computer, via scanner tool. You hold brake pedal down for 30 seconds, while computer operates brake actuators and directs fluid to a particular caliper, and someone back there bleeds it. $200 Greg's Japanese Auto, much more dealer.
I am thinking about removing caliper off bracket, keeping it connected to line, removing dust boot, and lubricating piston "in situ", pushing it out with brake pedal and pressing it back with C-clamp. Several times. I'll deglaze rotors and see what else can be done. The very moment I disconnect that caliper from hydraulic line, I am dead.
Any ideas?
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CAUTION: Never bleed air from the brake hydraulic system without using the intelligent tester. Failure to use the intelligent tester could cause serious injury or an accident.

NOTICE: Bleed air by following the steps displayed on the intelligent tester.

(a) Connect the intelligent tester to the DLC3 with the power switch off.
(b) Check that the parking brake is applied and turn the power switch on (IG).
(d) With the brake pedal depressed, bleed the rear brake system from the bleeder plug on the rear disc brake cylinder LH while the pump motor and solenoid are operating.

CAUTION: Keep the fluid inside the reservoir above the LOW level by replenishing.


Depress and hold the brake pedal.
After the solenoid operates for approximately 30 seconds , release the brake pedal to stop the solenoid.
Repeat the procedures until air is completely bled from the rear brake system.
The brake control warning light comes on and the buzzer sounds while bleeding, but they do not indicate a malfunction.

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