repairing my muffler


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repairing my muffler


I am looking for a cheap way to repair my muffler without replacing it and I have looked at a few different websites that give instructions but it would require me buying all sorts of tools

How to fix your car exhaust, without welding or power tools.

If I have to buy them thats ok but I have seen a few articles going around about this fiberfix stuff? Has anyone else tried this yet for car repairs or know someone who has? Suppossedly it is heat and cold resistent and hardens like steel so it sounds like it would work for a muffler. I figure $7 is cheaper than buying all the other tools or taking it in to an autobody shop

What are your thoughts? FiberFix Fast Curing "Super Tape" -

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Grab some fiberglass cloth, fold it about 10 layers, and make a large patch out of it. Use several hose clamps side to side flush to place cloth in place snug. You can also use exhaust pipe wrap. It's commercially available in parts stores.
THAT will not make that pipe strong. What else you can do, depending on hole size, is to do same fiberglass or wrap patch, then make or buy metal wide clamp, say from HomeDepot, and U-bolt it all together. Metal clamp will hold it all together much better.
But it all will be temporary fix one way or another, as you have very little flange left on muffler itself. Best might have been finding a local welder and welding a patch on. Should not be that expensive.
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i have had some luck with some stuff called muffler putty. its a type of paste that you work into the hole and let it dry for24 hours.real cheap and easy to do. but i have to say with the way the rust hole looks its working it way around from the inside. meaning the muffler will be breaking off soon.
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I think I'd just bite the bullet and replace the exhaust sytem. Short term fixes are just that, short term. I've never seen a satisfactory short term fix once there was a hole that size in an exhaust system.
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I agree with CasualJoe.

Besides if your willing to buy tools , materials and crawling under the vehicle to try and patch things -- why not just replace the muffler yourself. A couple of exhaust clamps --- a wrench and your done.

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