4 amp battery charging


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4 amp battery charging

When re-charging "dead" battery with a charger with a 4-amp output , will the value of the charging current indicate the extent of the charge?. Does the value of the charging-current decrease as the battery approaches full-charge? If so , what charging-current value = "full charge" ?

Thanks to all who reply.
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Technically....as the battery approaches full charge the current should drop to zero.
Every battery is a little different so it's hard to know exactly by the charge gauge if fully charged.
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Zero just means the chargers meter thinks its charged based on surface voltage so its dropping down to zero. To find out the static voltage or the true charge, turn on the headlights for about 15-30 seconds then check the battery voltage with a voltmeter. If you don't have, can't get, or don't want to buy a voltmeter you could hook back up the charger see if the charger quickly goes back to zero. Tho be careful many chargers that fit the short description you gave us don't have an automatic shutoff and can over charge the battery even if it looks like zero current on the meter. 4 amps also isnt a great idea to bring back a dead battery. The lower the better i recommend a 1 amp charge thats what I use all the time and it has a better chance of breaking down the sulfation on the plates that build up anytime the battery is under 90% charged.

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