Shimmy in 1999 Ford Crown Victoria


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Shimmy in 1999 Ford Crown Victoria

My mother owns a 1999 Ford Crown Vic. with only 64,000 miles and I have noticed a small shimmy after driving a few miles. You can feel the shimmy in the steering wheel and it feels as if you are running over those small warning speed bumps. A mechanic changed the transmission fluid, filters, etc. and later added a transmission conditioner. The auto is not driven often but I noticed that is still has the shimmy but is not quite as prominent as it once was. I was speaking with a mechanic in a doctor's office out of town and he said it sounded more like a bad coil pack. Is there any way to test the coil packs without connecting the vehicle to a computer to see if this is the problem? Do you have any other suggestions of what we may need to look at?
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To me --- shimmy would refer to something along the lines of worn ball joints , tie rods , wheel bearings , out of balance wheel ( or bent ) , etc.

The other items related to the coil packs or transmission would be more of rough running or poor drivabilty.
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At what speed do you feel shimmy, A low speed shimmy usually is a separated tire. Need a good tire man to find.
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If it's a bad tire, swapping the front tires to the back will often eliminate or change the vibration and may help you narrow down the cause.
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Could have lost a wheel weight, too, and I agree the described symptoms and the attempted earlier repairs don't match.
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I forgot to mention that it is not a constant shimmy as one would expect in an unbalanced wheel or separated tire but a periodic vibration anywhere from 45 mph to 65 mph.
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I would check all the front end parts for wear. Sometimes a bump in the road can cause a vibration that isn't always there. Those types of vibrations will almost always go away when you slow down.
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How old are the tires? How many miles on them? Sounds like a belt shifting in one of the tires.

Have the wheel assemblies (wheel/tire) removed and check for bent rim, tire run-out and balance. Rotate the tires at the same time and see how the car runs.

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