Michellin tires


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Michellin tires

Are they worth their price?
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Sure, but I like Cooper better for their price and performance. I guess you get what you pay for, and if you can catch Michelin on with their rebates, it makes it easier to swallow.
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Michellin makes great tires but IMO they aren't worth the extra cost ...... but a good sale could change my mind It might help to tell us what type of tires/vehicle you have in mind.
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I tried a pair of Michelins on the front of the wrecker a few years back and was not impressed. No better wear than the tires I can get for much less. Running Coopers on the rear this year with good service so far.
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I also like Michelins, but have never bought one as a replacement tire. I like BF Goodrich as replacements on F-150 pickup, they are owned by Michelin.
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Michellin tires

Are they worth their price?

Yes, they are. Be sure to get the tire model that suits your needs.

Long wearing, quiet, good traction ... pick the 2 that are most important, you can't get all 3. Tire construction is a compromise, a performance tire will not wear well nor will a 100,000 mile tire corner & stick like a performance tire

If Michelin weren't worth their price they wouldn't be the example that all other manufacturers hold as their reference ... and have for decades. The pinacle brand that other manufacturers strive to emulate.

Michelin isn't perfect but it is top of the heap.
Like the car companies advertizing that their "new model matches Honda in most categories" ... I'll still take the Honda because it is top of the heap and has been for decades.

Check the reviews on tirerack for good feedback on tires.

You are asking us for an "opinion". Facts are preferable to opinion.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion .. but not their own facts
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I haven had a chance to do some comparison since I have put Michelins on my vehicles since about 1980. Put them on to replace the old rags and just drive them.

My current Jimmy SUV(4WD) had the GM factory stuff and they went about 30-35,000 miles and replaced them with Michelins (LTX M?S). I put on another set at about 110,000 miles and looked at them now at 175,000 miles will consider another set at about 180,000 miles. I always bought in pairs and switched from front to back every 10,000 miles since it is free at the place where I bought them. - My wife's 2000 Blazer SUV (almost a twin) has a similar history, but only has 145,000 miles. Mostly city, freeway driving with some long highway, usually in 2W high, 4W high and couple of times a year to 4W low to makes sure it works or to pull out a boat at a tough launch.

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Everyone loves Micheline. I can't stand them. I find them hydroplaning too much in deep water at high speeds. I'll vouch for Duellers and Yokohamas.
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You shouldn't be driving at high speed in deep water :NO NO NO:

The tread design has a lot to do with how well the tire does in the rain. That said, I had 2 broncos with the same size/brand/type tires. The 1st one would hydroplane [almost on cue] on one particular hwy at 60 mph during heavy rain fall. I don't remember my 2nd Bronco ever hydroplaning even though they had identical tires.
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One word of warning buy them from a Michelin dealer not a big box store. They are not the same tires. This is experience talking.
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