Lost a Wheel Today


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Lost a Wheel Today

Was driving home today on the highway, doing about 60 mph. Had been driving for about 40 minutes (and drove 100 miles this morning to work), and started to get some vibes. Braking would make them go away. Was initially thinking caliper/pad issue etc. Continued driving with slight vibration, 5 minutes later, semi-sharp curve/on-ramp and as I'm coming out of it, *BANG* something breaks. I have no steering and braking isn't working. I e-brake to start slowing down and thankfully the car is pulling to the right, because I have no steering. I get out to see my driver side wheel messed up, no lug nuts anywhere to be found. Two studs busted off the hub and the rotor was all scraped up. So yea.

What are the odds of all 5 lugs coming loose, after having driven 100 miles to work, having the car in a lot all day, and then driving home?

I just put new rotors/pads on less than 10k ago, and tired were rotated 3 weeks ago. Car was in the dealer for service 2 weeks ago.

Sure, it's possibly I'm an idiot and I didn't put the nuts back on correctly, or forgot how to use my torque wrench, or didn't have the aluminum wheel properly seated on the hub and my 40ft lb lug nuts rattled themselves off. But all 5? What do you think?
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Some one may been in the process of stealing the rim, loosened the lug nuts and got scared away.
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aluminum car rims are 77 cents a pound at the scrap yard here right now, so yea..some one might have been planning on stealing them?
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this happened to my wifes car. what i came to figure out was that the studs was compleatly rusted and last time the wheel was put on it caused a fracture in the studs. probly lost one or two over the 100 mile drive with out every knowing it. and then the loss of those alowed the rest to loosen up as the wheel rocked back and forth. untill they backed them selves off. i have seen cars go 2000 miles from the last tme the wheels was touched till the time they broke. best way to know if it was this is to look at the broken studs (staight on) the shiny parts will be the fresh broken while as the rusty (darker part) will have been exposed to the weather. if it has a twisted look then they was tighted too tight.
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Lugs were applied but not torqued. With deep channel alloy wheels, it is very easy to NOT set lugs right in the lug channels in rim. Every time I work on my Camry or RX300 - it's same set it precise, or else situation.
Resulting vibration and kink will slowly keep torquing the system, which is under huge rotational forces, then boom - right hit at the right moment, and shaka laka... SNow ball of sheered parts.
You are one lucky man, buddy.

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