4.6 V8/hard start


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4.6 V8/hard start

Have a great Lincoln 97 Town Car, always starts first time but after one drives it, it does not always start first time, sometimes two....rarely three times and, always runs good. Any suggestions as to what I might look for, maybe it is tied to a dirty filter of pcv value. So many good people on the DIY site with great knowlege, figured I stick this one out for some good feedback.
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It's always a good idea to check all the filters and replace when needed. My first thought is a tired starter. Sometimes they don't quite have enough to spin a hot engine. Is it cranking ok and not starting or is the starter turning slow or not at all?
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your question answered

Starter works fne, never has labored. It just seems odd tht it always starts first thing but stuggles after the car is driven and not all the time either. Thanks for the idea though but the starter is fine.
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I think you start with reading error codes.
You have more condensed fuel/air mix on cold engine. Denser, so to speak.
My bet is on either tired spark plugs, wires, or fuel pump. Or all of the above.
When was that type of tune up done?
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Fuel pump would be on my troubleshooting list, too. Need to get a pressure gauge on it to see how it's preforming. If the subsequent start attempts are made when the engine is still hot, like within a few minutes, and doesn't start, but if you leave it a couple of hours starts fine; second item would be an electronic component that's become heat-sensitive. Ignition modules are known for this, although I don't recall how the ignition system on your Lincoln is configured. Need to determine if you are getting spark when it's in the no-start condition by pulling a plug wire. My money is on a fuel pump; that can also be checked when it goes into the no-start mode by having someone listen at the fuel filler when you turn the key to on. Should get a 2 second humm of the pump. Doesn't necessarily tell you the pump will deliver the proper pressure, but would indicate it is at least kicking on.
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Try this

The ignition is controlled by the PCM. If you have a fuel tester check for proper press 40lbs engine not running, about 30lbs engine running. Also check for excessive leak down. The pump could be pumping ok making the car run fine but it has a one way valve that holds pressure when not running. When that fails it will cause extended crank time. If you don't have a fuel gauge and want to see if fuel leak down is the problem before you start the car cycle the key from run to off several times then engage the starter. If it starts right up every time you do this. Then leak down is the problem. Also clean throttle body might help.

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