1990 Nissan Sentra Battery Light, Brake light on with no loss of power


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1990 Nissan Sentra Battery Light, Brake light on with no loss of power

I drive a 1990 Nissan Sentra and today my brake light (the E-brake one), battery light, and tail light (the one on the dash that comes on if your tail lights are not working) have been coming on at random times, however there is no loss of power (my head lights don't flicker, stereo does not cut out etc).
A lot of posts on here have mentioned the alternator or the battery but both seem to check out fine and since there is no loss of power, it would seem that these two would not be the culprit. Anyone have any ideas on what might be the issue?

*Brake light, Tail light indicator, battery light coming on at random times
*no loss of power
*turning on AC, head lights, radio etc. do not affect these dash board lights

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have your alt. tested it could be putting out enough to where you dont notice but not enough for the system to be ok with it.
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1. Alternator. Seams to be Ok does not really mean much. Alternator has to put out at least 14V and plenty of amperage.
2. Bad connection between alternator and power train/battery; remove connectors one at a time, clean, grease with dielectric grease, reconnect
3. Clean and grease battery cables poles.
4. Bad negative somewhere, plenty of those all over engines. Same - locate and clean all. Should be around 3-4.

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