Want to patch hole in bumper


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Want to patch hole in bumper

Have an 00 civic that was hit in front bumper. I used epoxy to bond the cracked area but have a hole about 2 by 2 inch. Other than finding a thick piece of plastic and using more epoxy!!!. Its bit rounded, not flat , would appreciate any suggestions to patch it. thanks
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1. Take cover off; hole is in bumper cover.
2. Get fiberglass kit from parts store
3. Roughen cover from inside about 3-4 inches around that hole
4. Buy some acrylic resin and hardener. Epoxacryl and benzoil peroxide. Basically same stuff as bondo, bondo simply has filler added to it.
5. Cut 3 large patches of fiberglass, spray a little bit of spray glue and lay 1st fiberglass layer; mix resin and spread it over patch with tongue depressor; lay 2nd layer, resin, 3rd layer. Let it harden. You can take heat gun or hair drier to it to promote curing process.
6. Now you have backing plate firmly connected to cover inside.
7. Pour some resin into large cup, paper, and cut fiberglass into it. 1/4 inch pieces. mix to pliable paste consistency.
8. Fill hole with this paste. Forgot to tell - roughen edges about 2 inches around hole, for filler to stick. Don't try to make it perfect, it actually needs to be raised off cover surface.
9. Take sureform file and shape filler after it hardened.
10. Now you can bondo the imperfections and simply treat the rest of the process like regular paint job
Or, you can buy plastic cover for likely around $60-70 and have it match painted. Will run you around $400 total.

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