2006 Ford Escape -oil leak


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2006 Ford Escape -oil leak

Have a 2006 escape ,145,000 km. Noticed oil spots in driveway in summer & took it in for mechanic to check.They put it on hoist & washed underneath & checked car.They said timing cover needs to be resealed,oil pan to be resealed & rear main seal replaced. They said cost of repairs could be approx. $1500 & that it was probably best just to put up with the leaks. Would anyone advise getting it repaired, as it has fairly low mileage or just keep driving it . Is this a common fault with the escapes or do I just have a lemon? Thanks, John
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Oil pan would be pretty easy if it's a bad enough leak to be worth repairing. Timing cover probably next expensive, then the main. You might ask for a breakdown and see if they are worth doing. Unless it's an extreme leak, I doubt I'd do much more than check levels frequently.

My 2001 with 150K miles (241000km) has both a front and rear axle seal leak, probably been doing it for 60K miles. I check the trans fluid weekly and the rear diff fluid about every 6 months. Trans has only needed a pint or 2 over last year, rear diff has never really dropped. Shop suspected a main leak when it was marking it's spot on the driveway, but after an oil change leak stopped. Bad/loose filter or plug?

$1500 is a lot to spend on a vehicle with 90k miles. It will buy a lot of fluids if you do the checking yourself.
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Tried just snugging up on the bolts?
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I would get a 2nd opinion ....
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Sounds like they just said its all leaking to cover themselves. I would get someone to test the leak with dye light to see how bad leak is and where it first leaks from. That would be your main leak.
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I would tend to agree with wrench. Oil pan and timing cover are not generally leak-prone areas until you get a lot more miles, plus they are static sealing surfaces, i.e. no movement involved, vice the main seals which involve the rotating crankshaft being sealed.

How much leakage are we talking about?
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Correct me if I'm wrong. Timing cover does not leak per se, unless front main seal is leaking? So he has front main seal leaking, rear main seal leaking, pan leaking, and what not else.
I am opposed to suggesting to tighten bolts, as this is a skill one acquires over years of busted pan seal due to over crank. You just got to have that feel.
Also, if it's planned to be done by a shop, bet is, if they said $1500, it will turn $3000 the very moment they touch anything.
I wouldn't call it a lemon, lemon applies to used cars, but I'd call it a Ford in its beauty and advise to rid of it. Repairs fast and furious will be what the car is worth itself.

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