'02 Chrysler town & country takes many tries to start


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'02 Chrysler town & country takes many tries to start

So, my van sometimes starts right away (rarely), and sometimes it takes a half hour of continuous turning over the ignition to start. It clicks and clicks over and over and then it will half way turn over a couple times then starts up just fine. After I start it once, it usually starts fine the rest of the day on the first try. But the next day, same stuff. It's harder to start in the cold or after it rains. This is getting to be more of a problem now that it's winter time and temps are dropping. A couple people have told me it sounds like a solenoid issue. Does this seem accurate or what do you think?
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Welcome to the forums Megan!

It could be the solenoid but I'd remove and clean all the cables first, it might just be bad connections.
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1. buy battery cleaning tool, dielectric grease, and battery sealant. Clean terminals and poles, lubricate with grease, spray over with sealant
2. Negative on starter is corroded and prevents good current flow. Remove, clean, grease, reinstall.
3. Negative on engine is same way. Same procedure.

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