Factory notice on pattern failure?


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Factory notice on pattern failure?

Do car companies provide some sort of data to repair shops regarding likely causes of problems? Is there even such a thing as "pattern failure" in cars anymore? I'm more familiar with guns, but those are also mechanical objects, and they do demonstrate pattern failure.
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yes and no. there is a few cars that no matter what will fail in areas. but most is due to lack of maintenance. the only failure due to bad workmanship you will see is the "recalls" and some "TSB's" (technical service bulletin)but those who have access to see TSB'S pay for it, and these are issues that only affect 10% of the vehicles made. But with anything that is made by man, you have to consider that not every car was made to spec. with so much involved in a car, and the number of people that it took to build it. there is no way to say what may fail on what.
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TSB-s as mentioned. They advise repair shops on what may be done to correct a non-emergent issue.
For emergencies, they do recalls. Ever watched Fight Club? If cost of potential law suits exceeds cost of repairs, we do recall.
TSBs are readily available online, with some digging.
Alldata has complete lists of TSBs with prescription. I say, Alldata sub for SIY person is a steal, for $40 five years and $25 2nd car. That's cost of coffee a year.
Btw, you can go to dealership, give them your VIN and ask for list of TSBs for your particular VIN. They don't hide or charge this.
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That's EXACTLY what I was wondering about. Thanks guys!

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