Bleeding Brakes

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Bleeding Brakes

2013 has been the year of trying new things... One of those is to change my own brakes. Went to school last year with a buddy and watched/assisted on 8 wheels. Well, I guess memory if short the older I get. Changing out my wife's brake pads, and on the first one, I accidentally Unscrewed the brake line and drained some fluid from the line and caliper. After calling myself some colorful names, I put it all back together and finished the rest of the brakes. I then went back and bled the line for the brake which I breached the seal on only. Am I OK only to have bled that one line? All others never saw the light of day (so to speak). It was the front driver line closest to the master cylinder. Car test drove and performed excellent after with good grip and stopping power.

FWIW - 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipes Spyder convertible with all the bells and whistles.
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If it was a small amount of fluid drained out, you should be fine. If you bled it correctly and got clean fluid with no bubbles, I'd call it good.
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I was able to lean out and see the fluid. Blew bubbles initially into a jar and then pumped good fluid. Anyway, Dumb move on my part. I expected the caliper to drop when I removed the 2 main screws. I wiggled it, pushed it and it did not budge. Look behind and said, Duh, missed a screw and went to town on it. Then I am covered in fluid and said S*it, Dumass. Screwed it back in, but left a puddle.
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I am still not sure, how you managed to undo brake line from caliper. Learning curve, I guess. To do pads, all you need to do is to undo lower caliper guide bolt, and flip caliper up on the upper one.
Anyhow. Thing to remeber, though it is not likely the case for you due to small fluid loss.
You have ABS> Should you ever decide to bleed ALL 4 lines, keep in mind, ABS module traps air inside.
What you need to do is to find long stretch of low traffic FWY, get on it, floor her to about 50 and slam on brakes; repeat 3-4 times. This bleeds ABS module.
FYI, it is well worth to sub for Alldata DIY online service. 8 bucks a year for valuable guides.
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I've bought repair manuals for most of my vehicles, I don't always use them but it's nice to be able to refer to them when I get stumped.
One thing about it, the harder the lesson is learned, the more apt you are to remember it More than once, I've cussed myself bad enough were it someone else doing the cussing - somebody would have a black eye

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