2007 ford focus se manual

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2007 ford focus se manual

if it does happen, it is on the first start of the car. after it starts working it does not do it for the rest of the day. that being said.It starts up, goes to the rpms its supposed to, then immediately the rpms feel heavy, than car stalls. it stays started if I keep my foot on the gas, and if I hold it long enough it just will stop soundin heavy and b ok for the rest of the day, not the starter or fuel filter. had battery tested and the cold amps r weak. but it has no ploblem starting. I think its something sticking or clogging. im a light mechanic guy. not great at trouble shooting. especially when it only sometimes does it. thanks
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I moved your post to its own thread for better exposure. If you have a question, ask away, since your post didn't specifically have one. Oh, welcome to the forums!
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His question is, why car has to be "foot idled" to prevent stall. As it warms up, it starts and runs fine.
How do I know? I had same issue on my DIY training ground vehicle, 87 Taurus, happens to be a Ford also.
2 things caused it:
1. Idle Speed Solenoid, knowing F-ord, they may still have it, as they used same light switch for like 20 years.
2. Cracked exhaust. Manifold. I could almost slide my finger into cracks. Was unbelievable, I was not rich enough to mail hunk of cast iron to F-ord to be proud of then.

Or, something as simple, as air leak. Metal expands, gap closes, leak stops, engine runs better.
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these have what is called a drive by wire system. they have removed the idle control system and inter-graded it into the throttle body. my guess is that you recently had the battery replaced ,it went dead at some time, or the batt is dropping to low in volts during start up. over time you get build up in the throttle body causing loss of air flow and the ecm learns this. when you loss batt power you loose that memory. can ether tough it out and let it relearn it or clean the throttle plate.
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Yes indeed.
I am still all for simple basic solutions. Has air leak somewhere. Simple to find out.

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