Help for a 02 Chevy Venture


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Help for a 02 Chevy Venture

I have an 02 chevy van I'm replacing the radiator. it's all ready to come out but it won't. tranny lines are disconnected. Hoses off. When I pull it up, the a/c cooling radiator comes with it. Any ideas?

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they are connected in some way. take a look at your new one and you will see how they hook together.
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Only a MVAC-trained, EPA-certified, automotive technician should service the A/C system or its components.

Recover the refrigerant from the A/C system. Refer to the Heating & Air Conditioning Section.

Drain the cooling system.

Remove the cooling fans with the cooling fan shroud.

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Apparently you remove AC condenser and radiator as single unit, after AC was drained and disconnected, then separate condenser from radiator. Good luck.
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Ran across that doing a radiator a while back on a Ford, too. Makes for a lot of extra labor.

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