Help my daughter not freeze


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Help my daughter not freeze

My daughters 97 explorer has no heat.
The radiator is full.
Both heater hoses are very hot.
I have heard a lot about the blend door on this make. I assume this door meters fresh air. I covered both sides of the cowl with duct tape with no results. If the blend door was the problem, shouldn't this have helped?
Also, it bothers me that the heater hoses are both hot. I would think one should be hot and the other warm. Any thoughts?
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Welcome to the forums!

The heater core is basically a tiny radiator. If/when the heat isn't dispelled as it goes thru the core, the exit hose won't loose much heat. The blend door is either inside that box or next to it. When the door doesn't open the heat has no where to escape. Follow your duct work until it reaches the box that houses the heater core. You'll see where there is a door that opens/closes. Old cars always had a cable or some type of linkage that opened/closed the doors but newer vehicles might be electronic.
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Is the squirrel cage on the blower motor turning? Look under the passenger side dash. Should be able to pull the cover and test. If not running, you can probably find a used blower motor at a junk yard for not a lot of money. Had to do this to my wife's car once. They (dealer) wanted $500 to change it out, I think I did it for under $50.
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I've had heat control, blend door problems with two vehicles. In my BMW M the foam that seals the door became soft and gooey with age. It worked OK but once it was left in the closed position for two long and the door stuck shut. Adjusting the linkage so it could not completely shut was able to take care of it for no cost. In my truck the blend door actually broke and required replacement. The parts were not too expensive but there were a few skinned knuckles doing the work in the confined space.
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these use an electronic motor to move the blend door. the door is before the heater core so no matter what you do before the door will not affect heat. this is located behind the radio more to the right, near the glove box. near the top of the vent case. when you move the temp dial do you hear a loud click/thud noise that repeats for a minute?
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Thanks for all the ideas.
The blower motor is blowing a lot of air.
I taped off the cowl because I could feel it sucking (cold) air there. The airflow to the cab was not affected by the tape.
Something that I left out of the original post was that for the last several years we have been unable to turn the heat off. The control valve is good. Works if I hook a vaccumme pump to it. Problem is in the vaccumme control in the dash. My hillbilly fix has been vise grips on one heater hose all Summer long.
My hope is that the coolant has basically just sat in the core and has built up enough to stop the heat exchange process.
A little CLR and a good flush may open it up.
I have looked at what it will take to replace the blend door and the heater core and I'm not sure the truck is worth it. Not to mention that air bag scares me.
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Sounds like you froze heater core but then again, in such a case, BOTH core hoses won't be same temperature. Apparently, you do have circulation through it.
So, here's quick and easy fix for you, as I do concur, amount of labor is not worth the car.

Best 12V Portable Car Heaters - Why so popular? - YouTube

And of course my all time favourite Eric:

How To Unclog a Heater Core - EricTheCarGuy - YouTube

And a Canook:

How to unclog a heater core to get good heat Davidsfarmison[bliptv]now - YouTube
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Just an update.
I tried to clear the heater core with some CLR. No luck.
I decided to bite the bullet and pull the dash. I went to the library and checked out a factory service manual. Did all the checks and determined it was the blend door.
To check the motor that turns the door the glove box needed to be removed. I could pretty much tell where the blend door was inside the duct by the placement of the motor. So rather than go through the heart ache of pulling the dash I decided to cut an access hole in the side of the duct reach inside and wire the broken blend door in the heat position and tape up the hole. I beat the flat rate time by nine hours.
My daughter is warm and happy.
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Congrats. Low tech but works. Good job.
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Air bag

As far as the air bag , I think , if you disconnect the battery , the air bag wile you are gorking on the vehicle ?

I would go ahead and try to fix the problem , not field engineer it .

Gut , have fun . It is not my vehicle .

God bless

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