Service engine light on


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Service engine light on

I have a 1994 Olds Ciera 57000 Mi. service engine soon light came on. My Auto Xray said it was a code P1405 EGR3 solenoid error. Could anyone give some information for checking it out. That is one thing I have never had go out on me. All replies will be appreciated. Thanks
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It says solenoid error because when it activates the #3 solenoid the ECU is looking for a large change that is not made.

The passage running from the EGR valve to the throttle body is, more than likely plugged solid with carbon.

You would need to at least remove the EGR valve to confirm the clogged condition. In severe cases the throttle body and the EGR valve need to be removed to clean the passage out.
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Remove EGR; spray liberally with carb cleaner; reinstall; be happy. Reset code.
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Thanks I will try that this weekend, and let you know the results

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