Removing tape from paint


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Removing tape from paint

Any good tips on how to remove packing tape off car paint?
Not tape glue, that I do know how to.

Tape itself. Have area where 2 layers of clear packing tape were placed for several years, and it basically melted itself to paint. Tried heat gun, but it gumms up and process is pain taking to go in millimeters.

Anyone knows os a solvent or something that will dissolve tape? Denaturate only cleans it and makes tape shiny; GooGone slides off tape. And it's in very visible area, so no paint scratches permitted. With plastic knife and scraping, will take me easy 2 hrs to scrape it off.
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Goof Off should do it. Pretty sure it won't hurt auto paint. You may want to saturate a strip of paper towel and lay it over the area.

Although....anything thats been in place for 2 years may not have any adhesive left for it to work on. Just hoping it might slowly seep under the edges and re-activate it to some extent.

I never liked GooGone except for paper labels.
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Use a heat gun and remove as much as possible then soak the area in WD-40. Work the tape/glue with your fingernail while keeping it wet with WD-40. It will come off.
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I'd go with WD-40 or maybe mineral spirits. It's going to take a fair amount of scrubbing with a lubricant to get it off. It's always hard to remove tape that's been exposed to the elements for any length of time
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Got it, thank you all.
I went a bit more aggressive with heat gun(had to be real careful as it's close to window visor) and used wide plastic scraper. Tape came off in matter of five minutes. Denaturate took care of glue residue just fine.
Goofy as it may sound, I grab pillar A to get out of car. Back in time on my CR-V, I noticed that slowly that area started showing, from continuous hand purchase. So I taped it over with clear tape, then pealed it off before I sold her.
Well, this time, apparently I used a much better quality tape before. This one, though says 3M on roll, and was heck pricy, simply stuck to pillar A. But I got.
Thanks, folks.
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