2003 towncar with water in headlamps


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2003 towncar with water in headlamps

[B]I was considering buying this beautiful towncar and found water in headlamps I have been informed that there is no fix, not even new headlamp units which gather moisture as well.
Hard to understand that this is one of Fords boo boos.
Anyone have any knowledge of this? ]
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Replace headlight lenses. You can get them very reasonably from say Certifit. They will last few years. You may add some sealant around bulb sockets. On that car, should be quite easy job. Adjust offer accordingly.
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replacement is a fix. but drilling small holes is the bottem will work enough to keep standing water out
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Go for it. I tried holes before, and it didn't really work. tried on several different makes.
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My old Pontiac minivan did the same thing. Filled up full enough to blow bulbs. Drilled a small (1/16") hole in the bottom of the housing. That van is still running around town with the same lenses and no water in them.

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