Gas smell when starting car


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Gas smell when starting car

The car is a 2003 Toyota Echo automatic coupe with a 1.5 liter engine.I never smelled gas when starting the car till it was hit by a truck on the driver side door. I mostly smell it for a couple of minutes, a minute or two after starting the car. But not every time I start. It happens most often the first time I drive it in the morning, and not every morning that I drive it.

I took it to a mechanic who had no idea what could be causing it. He couldn't smell the gas, since the smell was gone before I got there. One person, not a mechanic, said cheap Arco gas could be causing it, but it never happened before the accident.

I don't feel safe inhaling the gas. If I take it to another mechanic, are there specific questions to ask? Should I have it towed so it will be more likely that the mechanic can smell the gas himself?
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This is a complete shot in the dark, but maybe there's a small exhaust leak? Cars run a little rich from a cold start, so maybe once the engine warms up the exhaust isn't pungent enough to smell?
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i don't think cheap gas has anything to do with it.

the exhaust leak is a good suggestion. i assume you are smelling this in the cabin correct?
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Hit by a truck on the drivers door ... was it repaired by a body shop?

Was there an insurance claim?

How long ago was it hit?

Did the smell start right after the collision?
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Leave it overnite so they can check it on a cold start. In CA they should have sniffers they can use.
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i would wager that it is coming from the conections from the fuel fillter to the fuel rail. as the rubber ages it gets set in its ways and when jarred it can leak when cold. have the next person to look at it wiggle the fuel lines under the should show where it is leaking.
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Or just have the fuel filter changed, it probably needs a new one anyway.
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On most cars built since the late 70' there is a vapor recovery system that vents the gas tank. This vapor canister is set up so that the fuel vapors from the canister go into the engine on startup. I would have the shop that did the repair work investigate that system and see if something is unhooked.
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