2008 Dodge Avenger SE Brake Light coming on on the dash.


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2008 Dodge Avenger SE Brake Light coming on on the dash.

Ok. I just purchased a used 2008 dodge avenger from a private party. The car is in great condition and only has 80k miles on it. While driving the car the brake light on the dash keeps coming on and turning back off. The emergency brake is not pulled up and I checked the area to make sure no debris or anything else has found its way into the mechanism to make sure that it is depressing properly. The brake is not actually engaging. Looking through the maintenance records for the car I did notice that the car had a part that was recalled in shifter. (an interlocking piece of plastic that was breaking easily and causing the shifter to remain stuck in park position (k16)). This is the only thing I see that was worked on in the vicinity of this issue. They are really close to one another. Could this also affect the sensor or mech for the emergency brake for the light to keep coming on?

At first i thought it could also indicate a low amount of brake fluid as this is a feature on some other cars as well. I checked the brake fluid level and it is fine. I also pulled off all 4 of the wheels to do a brake inspection of the drums and pads and they are all still fine as well. The pads actually look fairly new even though they were not listed in the maintenance record given with the car.

I also checked the battery to make sure the voltage was correct as I have had issues where a faulty battery could be creating an issue with these dash lights.

I am pretty mechanically inclined and would not be taking this to a dealer unless it was something that I could not do myself. I change my own oil, filters, tires, i do my own alignments, and I have already replaced all of the hoses with new ones under the hood since the car was put up in a garage for a bit before I purchased. All new fluids as well.

I am thinking I may have a bad sensor. I have seen on other car forums where someone has just replaced the wire for the emergency brake with a 1/2 inch shorter piece which fixed their problem without causing any codes to fire up.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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May also indicate worn brake pads. Recently had an abandoned vehicle in the impound (GM product) that I fixed up to sell and it had little sensors in the brake pads; when the pads wore down far enough the sensor circuit breaks and lights the light. Not sure if your MOPAR vehicle would be similar and I'm thinking that wouldn't cause the light to come and go. Good idea to pull a wheel and check brakes anyway on a recently acquired vehicle.
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That seems to be a problem with Dodge/Chrysler vehicles. The light coming on is caused by the level sensor being improperly positioned. Seems to be a defect from the manufacturer. The fluid looks full, and it actually is, but the sensor is seeing it as not full. Some people just add a touch of brake fluid so that the reservoir is topped off. I thought I read about a TSB on the problem but could not find it.

Another fix that I saw mentioned was to replace the master cylinder but of course that is excessive and costly. I had seen that some were successful in having the master cylinder replaced under warranty but I don't think that option will be available to you.

You could try unplugging the plug from the reservoir float sensor and see if the problem goes away.
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The level sensor would make sense [no pun intended]. That would be an easy check/fix; a little extra fluid in the reservoir won't affect operation and may eliminate the need to troubleshoot further.

Just to verify, it's only the brake light that comes on, correct? The ABS light stays off? After PJ mentioned TSB's I did a little surfing, too. There are references to TSB related to brake warning light, but it involved the ABS light coming on at same time.
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Hey broat130 you ever resolve that issue and figure what the culprit was....

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