Cabin air filter replacement

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Cabin air filter replacement

I have a 2012 Mazda CX-9. At my last service appointment the dealer advises that I need to replace the cabin air filter and for 170 bucks they will change it and clean the compartment to remove any mold etc.

Is this necessary? I can change the filter myself but is there anything I can use to give the compartment a quick cleanup?

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Ridiculous! Buy a filter from a parts store....wipe out the compartment if you think it needs it. Use a kitchen and bath spray cleaner if you feel like it.

Another dealer recommended service that makes your pocket lighter and nothing else. Check the manual...what does it say for this filter service?
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Geez, about 20 bucks for the filter, max, which would leave $150 worth of labor; that's about an hour and a half at current rates. I am in the wrong business.

Vic hit it. The filter is supposed to be keeping the dirt out, and mold? I wouldn't sweat mold in my duct work and I'm in mold and mildew central!
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Oh c'mon guys. Spend another 15 cents and spray compartment with Lysol Soft Powder bacteria killer.

Betcha same is for yours:

Cabin Air Filter Replacement Mazda CX-9: Install/replace new cabin air filter - YouTube

Btw, order carbon filter online. It's a few bucks more but takes out outside odors much better than regular gauze one.
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Nice find on that YouTube link. Amazing what you can find for DIY videos there.
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LOL @ 170 bucks.

you might find a leaf or two in there but highly doubt you'd ever see mold. that's just a scare tactic.

edit - i have a 2011 cx9. the filter is a cinch to change.
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I wouldn't pay $170, but I wouldn't ignore it. Cabin filters are pretty much done after about 15K. When spent, they can be a drag on the blower motor and reduce heat/ac effectiveness. Try looking at a Mazda-specific web site for instructions. It's a good be someone posted illustrated pictures on how to replace it.
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I remove and vacuum the filters out each oil change (~7-8k miles) and rotate the tires at the same time.
I find the filters last a long time that way and it keeps the cost down (I'm retired)
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Funny how I've been involved in the trade since the early 70's and at that time obviously working on 60's vehicles. Many times I've seen cars with hundreds of thousands of miles that never had a cabin filter changed, (if they even had one) even after 20 years or more on the road, and ten different owners. Some manufacturers make them easy to access, others make it a labour intensive pain in the ass, so you'll take it to the dealer rather than aggravate yourself. As long as my defrost etc blows good volume, and doesn't have a foul smell, then why worry about it? Nice scam.

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