1993 Ford Focus won't start 1.9 liter, auto transmission


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1993 Ford Focus won't start 1.9 liter, auto transmission

So far I have load tested battery (passed good), tested for 12 volt supply to solenoid - OK, tested for 12 to ignition terminal of solenoid when key is turned to start position - NO VOLTAGE!! failed. I then shorted the battery cable post on solenoid to the ignition terminal on the solenoid and both functioned properly - engine started -
Checked with Ford garage and they spent about a half hour researching for any possible ignition relay switch (which there is for a manual tranny - but this vehicle is an automatic transmission) and none was shown on their Ford parts listing.
This suggests that the ignition key cylinder or wire loom plug(S) may be the problem. Is there a way that I can (using a 12 volt circuit tester probe with light) test for 12 volt current coming into the ignition key cylinder and then after the wire loom connectors. I would need to know the specific wire colors for the supply side from the battery and the delivery side from the ignition key cylinder going to the starter solenoid.
Or if you are aware of any relay and/or switch that I have been unable to find thus far.
I could really use some help on this one. The car a 1993 Ford Focus station wagon, 1.9 liter 4 cylinder, with automatic transmission, belongs to my 87 year old mother who lives in another town 40 miles away from me. She can't afford to take it to a mechanic. I am hoping that I will be able to troubleshoot just where the problem is and make the necessary repairs to get her back on the road.
Praying that someone will be able to help me be successful in getting her back on the road.
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You likely to get better help at Focus forum or, even sign up with Alldata DIY account, which is very inexpensive. Or simply get all wiring digrams from a library or repair manual. You seem to be apt enough.
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wrong year, or wrong ford. there was no 1993 focus. could go many ways if not talking about the right car.
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Escort, maybe?

Is running a new wire with a simple push-button for starting an option? That would avoid chasing down problem in existing circuit and the car is, after all, 20+ years old.
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Do not know about Fords , but some / most / all GM cars gave a fuel pump relay ?

Also , some of the older Ford products had a cut off switch some where in the trunk , that it was said , was suspose to kill the car if you rolled it & it landed up side down .

My previous boss , his wife had a Lincoln that had this switch . As did our oldest boy , in his Escort .

GET A BOOK , as some one else mentioned !

God bless

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