Wire harness connector help


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Wire harness connector help

I hope stereo installations would be considered car repairs. Right now I am trying to install a head unit into a 1998 mercury villager. A few years ago a mechanic had switched out the stock radio with an after market one. I have no clue what or how he did the install of it, but when I got my hands in there, a green wire was crimped to the ground of the aftermarket wire harness and the cd player wire harness.

I realized that the stock harness does not have a ground so I am guessing the mechanic added his own ground wire to complete the install. What I wanted to do was add that green ground wire to the stock wiring harness. I opened up the harness and found this:

So the question is where would I find one of these crimp connectors. I called a couple of electrical stores up and was told they don't carry any 18 gauge connectors or that they don't sell vehicle electronics. I do not want to travel all over town showing pictures especially when I can just crimp the green wire to the cd player ground wiring. Although I prefer a more "professional" install by using the stock harness.
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I'm not quite sure what you're trying to do there but those crimp connectors are not available separately.

You could find an old Ford plug at a scrap yard or you could pickup a Metra aftermarket plug kit from a place like Best Buy. You could also stop by an automotive radio/electronic store and see if they have an old Ford plug you can take apart.
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local hardware stores?

you might look on crutchfield for an install kit as well.

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