Trailblazer 4wd problems


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Trailblazer 4wd problems

Today I tried to turn my 05 trailblazer to 4wd when I moved the switch the 2wd and 4wd lights stayed on. I stopped the vehicle and turned it off and tried again now I have no lights on the dial and my 4wd service dash light are on. I have disconnected the battery to reset the system with no luck. I have also checked the fuses for the 4wd and they all look good. Through research it seems either the motor on the transfer case or the tccm are the cause. How can I tell which it is. I havent had a chance to take it and have the codes read at az yet. What are the chances that might tell me the problem? Thanks for your help
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I don't know how relevant my experience is compared to your chevy as all my 4x4s have been ford or jeep but often if you slowly back up it will help to disengage the 4 wheel drive. I had one jeep that liked to have the wheel turned when backing up.

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