Please help me with my 88 Camry!

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Please help me with my 88 Camry!

I have an 88 Toyota Camry and the rear drivers side window won't go up but it will go down if I press the back window button. When I try to control it in the front, all of the panel lights go off and back on when I let the button go. It won't even budge when controlled from the front. Also, the lock control on the drivers side may be faulty because I'll lock the door, and few seconds later you'll hear the doors unlock and then a clicking sound constantly is heard as if the unlock button is stuck. I'll turn the car off and back on and use the passenger side lock which will lock the doors without the clicking noise. Is this due to the relay needing to be reset or do I need to replace something?

Drivers seat belt won't move as well. The passenger sides moves fine.

Also, I've tried to locate the problem with my lights. Every time I put a fuse in and turn on the parking lights to light up the dashboard, the fuse blows. I've disconnected the yellow box and opened it, to find that a small wire that's soldered onto the board was messed up, so I know that has to be replaced. Checked all wires for any cuts and I don't see any. I've replaced the circuit board and still it shorts out. When I use the turning signals, every now and then there's a buzzing sound before the lights click on.

Will someone please help me and please..... I'm new to this "fix it yourself" thing and this is my first car so.... Simple language that I can understand would be helpful. Someone help me please?
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Very first thing I would check would be the wire bundle that runs from the driver's door to the door frame. Look at the forward part of the door between the hinges. After thousands of opening and closings you can sometimes break or damage the wiring in this area. You'll probably have to peel away an outer covering to actually see the wires.

You may also have a short in the control panel itself on the door; that would explain a lot. Not sure how hard it might be to find a used replacement for that.

You've got a lot on your plate electrically, so I have to ask if the car is worth all the trouble (I'm a Camry fan, too; wifey is on second one).

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