2001 pontiac Montana Whats in a tune up


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2001 pontiac Montana Whats in a tune up

I want to do a tune up on a 2001 pontiac montana. It has a rough idle but otherwise works fine. I got it off a co-worker as payment for doing work on his house. I want to replace the spark plugs and wires and wonder how hard would that be to access on this car and also what else besides the air filter should I replace? Also the passenger side mirror is broken the glass moves freely. Also the passenger side window wiper does not work. has over 300,000 miles on it. It is a V6 OHV.
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Most tuneups nowadays are plugs, filters, and fluids. I don't know specifically on a Montana, but generally V6 front wheel drive vehicles can be a real bear to do rear bank plugs.

Plug wires definitely a good idea.

Also a good time to give the throttle butterfly and throat a good cleaning: Remove the intake duct where it attaches to the throttle body. Prop throttle wide open (engine off, obviously) and scrub the butterfly valve and the surrounding throat with carb cleaner and an old toothbrush.

Might also get a code read next time you're near an AutoZone or other parts place that will read it.
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Well for the spark plugs and wires I can get to the front 3 but the back will be hard. I read that some people suggest removing the 2 dog bone engine mounts and using a ratchet strap tilt the engine towards me then remove the coils to get better access. Others say you can get to them from underneath. The air filter is also a pita to change. I have to remove the hose that connects to the filter cover and it don't want to budge.
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Seafom. 1 can x tank x 2 tanks.

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