Power Steering Hose Clamps


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Power Steering Hose Clamps

So as with every other dodge I've owned, with age and milage, the power steering hose to the cooler rotted out and let go on me.
So with the local part store closed (missed it by 5minutes) I was in a jam.
I managed to source some 3/8 fuel injector hose (could have been for a transport or airplane, my buddy worked on both).
For clamps, worm gear clamps wouldn't hold (learnt that the hard way on previous vehicles). What I ended up using which worked perfect was PEX 1/2 clamps. They crimped down perfectly.

I will skip listing the how to procedure (short version included laying in the snow under the van, lots of choice words, and a one way trip for my winter coat to the washing machine).
If you need to clamp any pressure lines on a passenger vehicle, consider PEX clamps.
My buddy confirmed after the fact that the matched or looked exactly the same as the OEM clamps found on the vehicles he worked on.
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Pex Clamps

Great idea!

How can I verify that the clamp will be the correct size for the fitting?
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The hose connection I was dealing with was a high pressure rubber hose, going from a hard line to the nipple on the cooler.
I had taken a small piece of the hose and tested the clamp. When compressed, it easily compressed the hose smaller then the hard line.

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