Temp Guage, 2002 Comaro


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Temp Guage, 2002 Comaro

Have a 2002 Comaro and the temp guage stopped working just stays below cold. Have checked fuses and connections not much luck trouble shooting. Need some help
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Get a haynes manual from the auto parts store. That will tell you the location of the sensor and how to change it...

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It would certainly help us if we knew what model and engine .......
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2002 Comaro temp guage

Had the car to chev dealer they said the thermostat was stuck open got it bach with out beaing repaired and guage was working. 3 days later it stopped working again and service engine light was on. I replaced thermostat and sending unit.
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If the service engine lite is on , have you had the codes read and cleared ?

I finally bought a $ 50 gadget to do so , saved a lot of trips to AutoZone or O'Rielly Auto parts . Even though they do it for free .

The Chevy dealer repaired something ?

You replaced the thermostat and the temp sensor ? Check to see if you accidently knocked any thing electrical or vacuum loose , while you were working on the other things ?

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Did check also had code read again and the same thing thermostst not working. Car throws plenty of heat and does not over heat. When the chevy dealer checked it the guage started working for a couple of days. is there anything else that they might have done?

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