Studded tires


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Studded tires

Just wondering if it's ok to put studded tires on just the rear of a Ford Explorer? My wife only drives 6 miles a day, car hardly ever goes into 4wd, but got 2 studded tires given to us. Thanks
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Yes..... put them just in the rear.
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Just be aware that most states that allow them have seasonal restrictions. Usually they must be removed by some time in April.
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Not a fan of running snows on one axle. It gives a false sense of security on the snow. She might be able to accelerate, but what happens when she tries to steer or stop that heavy SUV with regular or maybe all season tires on the front? It's all or nothing in my book. If she's got the V6 with auto 4wd the truck will do just fine with a good all season tire. Put it in 4hi in snow and the thing will go through anything, but again be smart because you've got to stop as well as move forward. If she's got the v8 with AWD, that should go through anything you throw at it. Both are great drive tranes by Ford, one of the best SUV's on the road. I had a 1998 V6 SOHC 4WD, loved that truck!
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Thanks, it'll have snow tires on the front too. Just no studs on the front.
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The main thing with a 4x4 is to make sure all 4 tires are the same size! Have you checked into the regs on using studded tires in your state?
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Been 2 years used studdies only on drive axle on my Camry. Why bother on non-drive wheels?
OP, how good of a driver is your spouse? Truly, it does not matter, what tires, or what drive, you can skid anything.
Actually, it's sort of cool to have 2 different tire types, as studdies are good for something that studs will punch into, like packed snow or not too thick of ice. And then have winter tires for fluff snow and slush. Studdies, actually, reduce friction on hard pavement, whatever it might be, as they lift treads a little bit off the pavement. Try some day, you'll see that they slip on hard pavement much easier than regular tires. That's why I have scratches all over my driveway asphalt, after kid tried his studdies.

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