Clunk on start and stop


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Clunk on start and stop

I have a 2013 2500HD that has a clunk noise just before a complete stop on a major braking and just after start up on a major startup. This does not happen all of the time, but I would say about 60% of the time. I also had a 2010 2500HD and a 2005 2500HD and neither of them ever did this. When the dealership checked my complaint, they reference bulletin 99-04-20-002H, which deals with backlash. I would tend to agree that it is backlash if I heard as the vehicle picked up motion, but not on stopping unless it was at after the stop and the brake was released. I think that this is something else, but they don't have a clue as to what it is. On stopping, the pop is about 1 to 2 seconds before a complete stop, which is several seconds after the brakes are applied. On start up, it is again about 1 to two seconds after movement has begun. This leads me to believe that it is a torque effect and that something (axle, etc.) is moving to try and relieve the torque and at some point in time, the stress item is going to fail. The pop is so load at times, that passengers in the vehicle think that I have hit something major or am in an accident. At times, it sounds like a fire cracker inside the cab.

Any ideas?

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Do you have a broken spring?
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Slip yoke. I had same on my 2000 Silverado. Remove it, put a lot of GM lube with PTFA inside, and it should fix it. For 6-7 months.
I thought they fixed it. Apparently not. Nickel plated slip yoke is over $400, but it does not rust/bind.
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In case you dont know what a slip yoke is its where the drive shaft goes in to the transmission. Common problem.
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Not u-joints ?

Torque converter locking up or unlocking ?

God bless
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Broken engine mount?...................
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Slip yoke.... He almost down to iota describes symptoms my Silverado had.

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