98 Dodge Grand Caravan VIN 1B4GP54GOWB647586


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Question 98 Dodge Grand Caravan VIN 1B4GP54GOWB647586

Have a continual overheating problem with my 98 Dodge Grand Caravan (3.3L). I believe that the radiator fan is not working continually; and that the radiator fan relay is the problem, together with the powertrain control module which needs to be reprogrammed (flashed). I called the local Dodge dealer and they claim that my car does not qualify under the recall. However, according to the Chrysler Tech Bulletin it seems to meet the requirements. Appreciate any suggestions.
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First , contact another dealer and / or the factory regional customer service rep .

Overheating , check / replace the thermostat ( it is full of coolant ? ) . Is the radiator stopped up , either inside or outside ?

One electric fan or two ? Do all the fans come on when you turn on the A/C ?

Is the temp gauge or lite working OK ( possible sensor problem ) ?

Are you loosing coolant ? Check to see if radiator cap needs replacing ?

Are all the hoses OK ?

Do not know about a Dodge , but the fan relay on a GM of about that era is easy to replace and inexpensive . Get a Chilton or Hayes book on the vehicle . Or both .

God bless

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