1995 Ford Taurus gl ABS light


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1995 Ford Taurus gl ABS light

I have a 1995 ford taurus wagon 3.8, the abs light was coming on and off, when it came on the first time I touched the break peddle the breaks would lock for a second then be fine, happened for a month, now the light is on all the time. Is it possible it's a fuse or relay, if so where are the relays for ABS?

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I would visually check the cable from the wheel sensors , back as far as I could into the engine compartment . Do the cables plug into other cables ? If so , check that connection .

Use an ohm meter to see if the wheel sensor has continuity ? I do not know how many ohms is normal , but it should not be zero or infinity .

If you need to clear codes & reset the system , try disconnecting one battery cable from the battery and waiting a few minutes .

See if the lite comes back on when you are setting idling ? Does it come back on when you step on the brake petal ?

God bless

God bless

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