Need to get car started


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Need to get car started

Car has sat for 12 years It ran fine before sitting. I've siphon all the gas from the tank. Now I getting ready to pour new gas into the tank. My question is there anything else I should do before I proceed ?
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Tell us about the car. Is it a 1912 Hupmobile or a 1988 Chevy? That will make a huge difference in suggesting reclamation procedure.

Do we need to suggest how to clean a magneto or how to check electronic ignition.

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Pray and have your visa card ready ....
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Remove the plugs...put a bit of something like PB Blaster in each cylinder. Let it sit overnite. Inspect belts and hoses Check coolant and other fluid levels. Put a bottle of Seafoam in with the gas.

Crank the engine a few times with the coil wire pulled before trying to start.

As others said...yer gonna likely have big issues depending on the age of the car. Tires are shot, belts and hoses (all of them!) will need replacement. Rings could be frozen to the cylinders. Brakes probably frozen. Bearings dried out. Injectors (if it has them) prob corroded.

Not gonna be a fun project unless you like that sort of stuff.....
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All of that ^^^^^^ or - she'll just fire up....
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Its a 1980 chevy corvette with a 350 engine
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Oh gee, please be careful. Do as suggested, but while you have all the belts off, turn the engine manually, and not with the starter, plugs out. I have a friend who has a 1966 coupe that hasn't been started in years. Waiting (really drooling) for him to ask for help.
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Replace the fuel filter. Also oil & filter. Coolant can wait until you see how much effort you'll need to at least get it to start, but eventually change it out too.

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