2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT2 hard to shift past R either way


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2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT2 hard to shift past R either way

I was working on replacing the hub on Front passenger side. After it was done, I backed the car out, noticed that I couldn't shift out of reverse to N or D. But could return to Park no problem. I can force it in N or D, but when I want to put it in P, I have to force it back past R. Seems like something broke. But I can't tell if it is the shift interlock or the ignition lock because when I turn the key to take it out, I have to pump the key in and out while giving it a little counter clockwise pressure to be able to get it out.

I have a lot of experience with older vehicles, 2004 has whole bunch of fancy stuff, so I'm just wondering if it could be something else?
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I think it's more likely you have a cable issue. Does it have a shift override? Should be a small pop-off cover somewhere near the shifter if it does. Pop that off and stick a thin object down the hole to release the override. Other possibility is problem inside the console that's just physically blocking movement; that happens sometimes on my wrecker when something falls down in the gap (the rubber around the slot is long gone so easy for stuff to fall in there.
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I'll have to take a look at it tonight, I did not take a look to see if there was a override. friend wanted the car back, she's bringing it back in tonight after I'm done working.

Cable looked good to me. I was just surprised how it was just fine when I pulled it in, and after the work was done it just happened. I was concerned that I might have broke something in the transmission from using all my energy to bang on the axle to get it out of the hub even when the axle still had room to move toward the transmission but was just fused to the hub.. bent 2 gear puller too! took whole suspension off, took to a shop, they pressed it out. They were surprised how stuck it was on the hub!

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