2005 Dodge Caravan guages acting funny


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2005 Dodge Caravan guages acting funny

Hi folks. Haven't been on here much lately. Working A LOT.

Anyhoo, my work van is doing something funny lately. It started a while ago, when I tried to open my power window while it was frozen shut. As soon as I realized it was frozen I stopped obviously. Next time I put the keys in the ignition, the gauges all maxed out, then dropped down to normal. I started the van and everything was fine.

Over the past little while, it seems to be happening more often and not when I've done something stupid like trying to open frozen windows.

I'm not sure what my van is trying to tell me when this is happening and need some help with the universal translator. Any ideas?

Not sure if relevant, but spring and summer have been cancelled here in Canada and we're still living with -25C weather every now again (although they keep promising it's going to get better), and 8' snow banks.
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A - Messed up frame ground that is in common with the wiring to / for the gauges ?

B - Tow or more positive / " hot " wires got overloaded by the window motor , became hot and melted insulation , allowing them to short between each other ?

Buy a book that has a wiring schematic for the vehicle & start tracing the wiring & look for commonalities .

God bless

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