1999 chevy suburban overheating


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1999 chevy suburban overheating

My 1999 chevy suburban 2500 keeps over heating. Temp gauge goes all the way up and then comes back to the 3/4 mark. So far I have replaced the radiator, top end hoses, heater coil, thermostat, and the engine coolant sensor. I am out of ideas can anyone help
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Take it to a shop that has a tester for combustion gases in coolant. Have it tested before you spend any more money.
Real high probability you have a crack in head(s).
That requires engine surgery to correct.
Good luck!

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Electric fan ? Mechanical fan with " fluid drive clutch " ? " Solid " mechanical fan ?

I had a truck that would almost instantly go HOT . Then settle down , when I slowed down .

Radiator shop said some left over debris ( possibly part of a " core " ) was inside one of the engine coolant passages and moving around . It would , from time to time get turned sideways & act as a shut off valve & block coolant flow .

For what ever it may be worth or not worth .

Also , possibly , the radiator hose on the suction side of the water pump , collapsing ? Bad water pump ? Air in the coolant system ?

God bless
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Tim, RR aced it for you. Leaking head gasket. Exhaust getting into coolant.

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