96 dodge caravan wont start


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96 dodge caravan wont start

I have a 1996 Dodge caravan 3.3. One day while driving it stalled out. Since then I have replaced numerous parts and spent weeks on this van. I replaced the cam shaft sensor, crank shaft sensor, coil, the pcm, all to no avail. It will crank but there is not spark. I finally broke down and towed it to a shop where I had them scan it. They told me that they want to put a new crank shaft sensor for $500. No thanks. I told them I replaced it. They proceeded to tell me there is no signal to the pcm. I am completely stumped. The only other thing I can possibly think is wrong is a wire somewhere. Any ideas?
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Do you remember how many wires were on the CS sensor ?
Most are just two and you can connect a voltmeter set to low AC voltage to see if the sensor is working. From there you can check to the PCM.

You must crank vehicle to see fluctuating AC voltage.

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could be a broken flywheel. the crank sensor reads slots on the flywheel. if its not spinning then no signal. also i cant remember it this used a sloted crank sensor, did the new one come with a piece of cardboard stuck to the end? if you you might not have the distance from the flywheel correct. third new does not always mean good. if that part was dropped before you got it, could have broke inside.
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the crank and cam sensor are 3 wire hall effect sensors not 2 wire vrs magnetic.can check them out with a voltmeter and do a bypass test using a test light.power/ground would have to be verified and signal wire integrity would have to be verified.....if that checks out then checking sensor output.verify that the distributor shaft is turning.

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