1995 Saturn SL2 smoking


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1995 Saturn SL2 smoking

I have taken apart and put back together the top end of my engine 3 times and after each time it is still smoking. It was not smoking at all when I started the job. I had the head resurfaced after the last time and still the same problem. When I first start the car there is blue smoke then after a while there is white smoke too and moisture coming out of the tailpipe. With everything new, what am I missing?
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That's a classic sign of a blown head gasket. Coolant is being drawn into the cylinders and is being expelled out the exhaust.

Take off all your plug wires, remove your plugs one at a time and have someone turn the car over. I think you will probably find that one cylinder is probably spitting out antifreeze.

Water should be coming out the tailpipe, that's normal. But if it feels slick in your fingers and if you taste it and it tastes sweet, that's antifreeze. Was the head planed down at a shop? Did you replace the head gasket, or reuse the same one? Did you use a torque wrench and torque the bolts to the proper specifications?
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New head gasket and torqued to 37 ft/lbs.
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Was the head checked for cracks?
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Like I said before... Did you have coolants completely removed out of all bolts holes open when you did the job? As if not, it expands inside and cracks block.
Black smoke is unburnt fuel.
Water outta tailpipe is actually normal condensate.

May I have that stupid "3 minutes between posts" thing removed somehow?
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37 ft pounds is way to low.
Head bolt torque
vin 7

Step 1- 22 ft lbs
step 2- 37 ft lbs
step 3- 90 degrees

vin 9
Step 1-22ft lbs
step 2-33 ft lbs
step 3- 90 degrees

Remember,bolts are torque to yield and stretch,so new ones must be used
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I would only add that I would hope the machine shop thoroughly checked the head for cracks. Iceman beat me to the punch on new bolts and proper torque.
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i have seen a stuck open injector with white smoke pouring out tailpipe.the exhaust would smell like gas.are you losing coolant.every start blue smoke?
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All too common prob with those DOHC. Valve seals and guides. Check the basics , engine compression wet and dry test. Pcv valve. DOHC are not known to crack heads. SOHC are known to crack especially the 95 's but without a doubt , you will have oil in your coolant reservoir .
Usually when engine sits and then started the vacuum will pull oil from valve seals , worn guides into the combustion chamber and will have blue smoke.White smoke can indicate coolant in combustion chamber and you will be able to smell it coming out the exhaust pipe. If you dont overhaul complete engine top and bottom you will without a doubt have oil vacuum pull bypass either from top or bottom depending on what was rebuilt.Seen all too many times but mostly with sohc. If all else fails start measuring all engine clearances . Good luck

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