would gtting P0135 on 2001 maxima cause it to not run?


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would gtting P0135 on 2001 maxima cause it to not run?

I replace the cat converter, due to the error i was getting before. Now the car does not start unless i press on the gas pedel and keep it pressed, otherwise it stops. The check engine light came back on, now i get P0135, which states its a bad O2 sensor, bank 1 senor 1. I had bad O2 senors before that were replaced, but the car kept on working before, so wondering it it really is an O2 sensor?
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It's unlikely that it's an oxygen sensor causing a no run issue. The car should run in open loop which is a safety fallback state that occurs when sensors go bad. This causes it to use a preset fuel/air mixture to prevent damage to the engine. It might give it worse gas mileage and fail emissions tests, but it should run. I would check for broken vacuum lines first. It's cheap and can cause an issue where you must hold the throttle open to create adequate fuel flow. Any air that comes into the system through an unmonitored source isn't compensated for and creates a very lean condition.

You may also try checking the electrical connections on your MAF sensor and your MAP sensor for corrosion or damage. Then try buying a can of electrical cleaner. They should have a can at most autopart stores made by berryman that say MAF Cleaner or something along those lines. Simply remove the MAF and spray it out really well and do the same for MAP.
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Is your battery fully charged? I have a Dodge van that you need to press the pedal to the floor to start and keep it there so it won't stall when the battery charge is low.

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