2003 dodge caravan ignition problem? PCM, or New ignition cylinder/key?


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2003 dodge caravan ignition problem? PCM, or New ignition cylinder/key?

2003 Dodge caravan 3.31---
yesterday, the wife calls me and says the van won't start. I come home, checked the battery, swapped a couple of relays, checked the fuses, ran gear lever through all gears and back into park, still no start, no crank, no fuel pump prime/purge sound. tried to get error codes with on/off x3 key dance, no "done" message or error codes. gave up, went back to work.
came home 6 hours later, put my key in, started right up. did error code check, gave "done" response and no error code. "am i crazy?" the wife asked..
This morning, I went to go start the car, same symptoms thing happens, no start, error codes ( couldn't get to run system check).
do you think it is the ignition switch/key? the key will pull out in accessory position, and the steering wheel does not lock when key is removed..
any help will be greatly appreciated

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do you have two keys? if so the one she is useing might have lost its chip memory setting of the security. should also cause a light to flash key shaped

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