V6 VW Passat with low/no oil pressure


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V6 VW Passat with low/no oil pressure

The other day I hit a pot hole and something must have hit and cracked my oil pan on my 2002 V6 Passat. I did not notice anything wrong at fist, but about an hour later, I noticed a pool of oil on the ground under it. When I saw the oil on the ground, I was pretty close to home. It did not look like a ton, so I started the car. I got about 50 feet and oil pressure alarm chimed for a second or two then stopped. I got onto a busy local road, and it chimed for about another 10-15 secs before I shut the engine and coasted to the curb. I retraced my steps yesterday, and the total trip was 0.3 miles. I did not hear any odd sounds from engine before I shut it off. Am I most likely OK?
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There's only one way to know for sure. Replace the oil pan. Fill it with oil and see how it runs. With that short a trip hopefully minimal or no damage was done.
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Wellll.... There is no telling. That the light flashed and chime chimed is no good sign at all. Engines do not like low oil pressure. What you should have done was to STOP driving, find a good Samaritan or call cab and, at least, come back with several cans of any oil. Pour one in and get hom, starts chiming - add more oil.
As seized engine is no fun, you know.
And there is no telling, if it's cracked pan(they usually dent, not crack) or busted seal, or busted line, or busted filter, as some are pretty darn low to the ground. Hence, further investigation is imperative.
Oh, and do not forget to
- call your insurance and let them know what happened, as you may have road hazard coverage
- call DMV and find out, who is responsible for that stretch of the road, and file claim with them, for repairs. There are no such thing in the country, as no owner roads, someone is always liable for maintenance of particular stretches.
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Could be one of the cast aluminum pans, Igor; they will definitely crack or bust a hole in if struck. Have to watch for those to ensure enough clearance on the wheel lift when towing one.
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Yes. It was a cast aluminum pan. I replaced it yesterday, filled the car with oil and also changed the filter. There were no metal shavings in the pan. I started her up, and for the first 1-2 secs, she sounded like a diesel truck, but within a couple seconds, she was purring like a kitten. Thanks for your advice.
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Always, and I mean always, double check your engine oil level at times like this.

Hopefully your engine will be more, or less, "OK" after this issue. However, I recommend that you carefully monitor the engine oil level/usage during the next 3-5K miles by checking it frequently (every day or so at first and, if all goes well, every 7-10 days after that). Once you're familiar with this oil usage (if any) you can go back to your normal oil check intervals.

The reason I say this is that the piston rings and bearings, etc, may have seen enough significant wear (due to oil starvation) to have caused a change in oil consumption (however slight).

Btw, acceptable oil usage on a good engine will generally be in the 1500 mile to 3000+ mile range under normal use (some manufacturers suggest that anything from 750 to a 1000 miles as being acceptable).

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