00 Impala 3.8 leaking auto trans fluid from service cover after doing trans repl


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00 Impala 3.8 leaking auto trans fluid from service cover after doing trans repl

A friend got a 00 Impala 3.8L with blown trans, he found a parts car with a known good running trans, took that trans off, put it on his car. Put in fresh fluid, it leaked right where the plastic cover for flexplate/service access. It only leaked when it is running. It was more of dark red.

Took it off, decided it was the seal on the trans, replaced that. put it back in, fresh fluid again, started it up, it still leaks... Now the puddle is black, dip stick is bright red like fresh fluid. We are concerned why it is leaking and now that its black. Could be from old left over fluid in the converter as I did not remove it just left it on the flexplate.

What could it be? could it be the seal ripping from struggling to get the trans to align and mate it with the convertor on the motor? Or could it be the trans is not right for this motor? Trans from part car is 3.8L too.

I have not taken the trans off yet, not looking forward to do it for the 4th time..

I have done several clutch replacement, or serviced a manual trans in the past, but never worked on a automatic. So this is my first time on a auto. Is there a special way of installing it to align it? It didn't look like it needed anything special to put it back on.
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Sounds like a front pump seal was leaking and that was the source of red fluid The black fluid MAY be metallic and black because the converter may not be properly engaged with the trans front pump!
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The converter is always installed on the trans first then bolted to flex plate after trans is installed to engine block. I have never seen or heard of a successful installation with the convertor on the motor.
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I just reread post! You left the converter on the flywheel! As was stated, properly insert converter to the trans frt pump then install transmission. Now you must check for damage to the frt pump in trans!
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Yep, there's no way for that job to turn out right the way it was done. This is why it's a good idea to make use of a service manual, and/or an Internet guide when you're doing something like this for the first time.

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