I need your 2Cents on these used cars


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I need your 2Cents on these used cars

Hello All:
I will soon be buying a used car. I wanted your input to these cars, as in terms of reliability, and ease to work on (I do most things myself). what have your experiences been with these models? I realize that all cars are individuals, and the way they were maintained. Thank you for the help.

Models 2004-2008

1. Ford focus
2. Ford Torus
3. Mazda B series Truck
4 Chevy Malibu
5. F150 6 cylinder
6. Chevy Colorado
7. Doge Dakota

Thanks again guys
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You all over the place though. Mixed bag.
Only #3 has VERY good reliability record, along with being VERY uncomfortable. But 4 banger I had, under Ranger disguise, was more reliable than any Honda or Toyota we had and have.
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I highly recommend that you perform an Internet search with the word "problems" placed after each brand/model name.

Btw, I wouldn't give much credibility to the Con sumers and J Dee Power$ guides. The former used to be pretty good at one time. But now both are anything but credible when it comes to reporting vehicle reliability.
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personally i would skip the colorado, dakota, and malibu. i don't think the colorado or dakota are very good small trucks (dakota in particular). malibu is just meh.

i would lean to the f150 or mazda truck.
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As Igor said, you're all over the place. What's going to be the use this vehicle sees?
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Dakota was OK back in the 90's before they changed the body style, but lots of engine, cat, heater core issues from about 98(?) til 04 or so. They got too heavy and in most cases it was just a few grand to move up to a similar full size P/U. Colorado was kinda ugly and lots of complaints about the 5 cyl many came with.

As others have said...yer list is all over the map..whats the usage going to be?
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Anything rear wheel drive will almost always be easier to generally work on than front wheel drive. This is because FWD have their engine turned sideways and what would normally be the passenger side on RWD is pushed against the car's firewall and some even require you to remove a motor mount and rotate the engine forward just to change spark plugs. Therefore, for the sake of ease of maintenance and mechanical repair I will stick to your RWD options.

Mazda B Truck: While I can't vouch for the ford and mazda trucks. My general experience with Mazda parts is that when they do go out, they are expensive to replace. The engine in this truck is generally common and therefore this may not be the case. Otherwise they are a decent truck unless you are wanting to do some semi heavy towing.

F150: I would choose this over the Mazda B Truck. Stronger engine, more usability when towing/moving/etc, and the fuel economy difference is nearly negligible between the two. Both have quite an aftermarket variety of upgrades and items to choose from to enhance your ride.

Colorado: I personally prefer the look of these vehicles and they comfortable to ride in. I believe this will have the Inline 5 cylinder used in the H3. If you went with this truck you would need to choose a 2007 or newer for best value as they changed the 3.5 I5 for 3.7 I5 LLR. Hummers, Colorados, Trailblazers, etc with this engine all had problems with the cylinder heads. Many were fine, but it's not a chance I'd want to take unless you are prepared to replace the head in the near future. This problem was solved for 2007+

Doge Dakota: Little WoW, How describe, Such unsure...seriously though, I personally haven't liked dodge anything since the 90's. I do know many have electrical problems, especially Jeep that end up requiring harness repair or, more likely, replacement. That is not an easy or cheap job.

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