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No Start

I have a 1995 Chevy Lumina Sedan. Several months ago I attempted to start the car and when I turned the key to the "Start" position, nothing happened, except for the fact that I heard a clicking noise coming from under the Right side of the engine compartment. Lights and radio where working and battery was also charged; and battery cables where secure. I attempted this procedure several more times and the starter finally turned over and the engine started. Since that time, everything has been working on the car, until yesterday. Yesterday morning I got in and attempted to start the engine, and experienced the same problem I did several months ago, only since yesterday I have attempted to start the car eight different times without success! I once again checked everything I did last time and everything is OK! Can you please provide me with suggestions on what is wrong and procedures I can complete to correct this problem.
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When you tried starting the car and got clicking..... did most of the lights go out ?

Battery cables were secure but were they clean. You can't tell until you unbolt them and look at them. You may also have a corroded wire at the starter.
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Battery Charge, Cables

Hello ThomasEK,

I agree with PJmax on checking the cables at the battery, and starter for corrosion.
BUT I will also say I have been burned in the passed by assuming the battery had enough charge simply because all other accessories worked fine (headlights, radio, dash lights, ect.) I would recommend having that battery tested. If you don't have a meter most parts stores I know of offer a free battery test.
If the battery checks out then you either have too much resistance in the cable or their connections.

Adam P.
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Same thing happened to my dad, lights, dash, radio all came on fine. When he tried to start it just clicked and nothing. He took starter off and had it tested, tested good. Had battery tested it was fully charged, but was way under amperage rating and failed. Battery can run lights, not enough amps to crank the starter over. New battery and fixed. So if you check and clean cables both ends and still nothing, I'd take battery and have it tested.
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agree with the above. first make sure the terminals are clean as well as tight. then get the battery tested.

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