Side to side float


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Side to side float

Hi all

I guess I'll ask.
My 07 Camry once in a while will do a strange floating movement. Floating is likely a good word to describe, as it's very soft and sort of pleasant.
It feels like entire car will move side to side, perfectly parallel to the ground. Sort of like you sit on a swing and have that swinging back-for, except that it's side to side. Very minor, like I said - soft and plesant, and does not feel dangerous at all. Like something is broken or loose.
Definitely relevant to road imperfections and is quite rare.
She has McPherson struts front and standard struts/control arms rear. All struts are new, sway bar end links new. I take care of my cars. Nothing loose.
I simply can not imagine, what can permit this side to side "swing".
More of curiosity question. I sort of like it.
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Ok, First I'd double/triple check for any loose and/or worn suspension components.

Beyond that, I'm wondering at what speeds you're experiencing this "floating" and just how rough the roads are. If at higher speeds (40+) and fairly rough roads, then it could just be nothing more than the suspension doing its job.

I've experienced similar "floating' sensations on long suspension travel off-road motorcycles (except it was up/down more than side to side). Must say that it felt kinda weird at first...
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I had a Honda Civic from 1990 to 1998 and traded it for a 1998 Corolla.

The Corolla gave me that same sort of floating sensation that was not there in the Civic.

My 2007 Chev Uplander from the time it was new seemed floaty & sway-ie , new rear shocks tightened it up a lot.
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tire pressures, loose wheel bearing, alignment
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Naaahhh, she's top notch on all mechanics. It's about when I hit a trench in the FWy, you know those, mostly in slight turn, then she MAY do this little "butt wiggle". Maybe she's designed that way.. She always had it, ever since 36 000 miles.
MOF, I had almost same on my Ridgeline today, which is a VERY solid car. As in - VERY. Tank.

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