Is GM or Barr's Stop Leak OK to use ?


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Is GM or Barr's Stop Leak OK to use ?

Found a crack on the side of our Chevy 8.0L engine radiator. No drips just a hairline crack and a greenish smudge evident.

Can I use this GM product #12378254 which as I understand, is the same as Barr's?

Thank you
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yes but do not expect it to work or last. plastic radiators crack because they have become weak from the inside. may look small on the outside but will be chewed up on the inside. best luck which every way you go.
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As iceman said, you can try it but I'd start preparing for a new radiator.
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Use it and then replace heater core. Yes it works, but works too well.
Might as well replace your radiator now rather than later along with heater core.
Bar's Leak is trouble. I have used and abused it for more than 50 years, so can speak from experience.

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I always assumed that stuff was garbage but the licensed mechanic I use swears by Alumaseal and claims it's used at the dealership, too.
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Band Aids don't fix problems, they only cover them up temporarily and when you pull them off, they hurt. Same will apply to your leak.
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Start shopping on line for a radiator . Inspect all the hoses while you are doing your homework . And replace any to those mickey mouse factory hose clamps , if it still has them .

Good opportunity to try to flush out the block and heater core .

Now , put fresh new antifreeze in it .

God bless
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I've diagnosed many cars infected with bars stop leak. Most of the time customers complaint is poor heat from the dash or overheating. Both a result of blockage caused from the stop eak. It clogs coolant passages in the engine. Clogs radiators, heater cores, hoses, thermostats. Spend the extra money now to fix the problem, or you'll be kicking yourself later.

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